Why are there no dates in our season announcement?

To remain nimble in response to the pandemic, decisions on dates of performances will be made as the season progresses. We will continue to keep safety as our priority, and we’ll keep informing you periodically on our decisions.

There are so many shows, what’s up?

This year we are offering more programming than ever: shows, virtual content, engagement events, an expansion of our work in the community, and an investment in the work of dozens of local artists. BLUEBARN has made a commitment to supporting as many local working artists as possible, while bringing you a host of wide-ranging theatre events in these connection-starved times. You may find yourself taking advantage of every offering or choosing your own adventure. Additional engagement offerings and special events will be announced as they arise.

When will we know when reservations are available for each event?

TruBLU members will receive notice before the general public as our shows are scheduled. Notices will be sent out well in advance via e-mail, as well as timely updates to any changes due to the pandemic.

Will BLUEBARN productions and events be in-person or digital?

BLUEBARN is embracing a hybrid model for our audiences, in response to the uncertainty of the pandemic, and to respect individual preferences for attendance. We will have some audiences outside at the theater and some who choose to participate from home. Some events will only be available digitally. For most, you will have the choice.

How will digital access work?

Some of our programming will be available to the public at any time on our streaming platform or through our website. Members will be notified when each of these events go live. For streaming performances of our mainstage and bonfire series, real-time digital access will expire at the conclusion of the events. Members will receive a code or password-protected link to each streaming event. More details will be included in your membership package.

What if a production is cancelled or postponed?

Unfortunately, the risk that one of our shows will be cancelled due to the pandemic is very real. As a TruBLU member, your support of our mission accepts this risk. Thanks to you, in the event of a cancellation, all artist contracts will be honored. In most cases, digital access will still be available despite the cancellation of live attendance. Your membership guarantees that our work in the community, on behalf of art and artists, goes on.

Is there a senior rate this season?

No. This year BLUEBARN has instead chosen to honor health care workers and educators in acknowledgement of their essential work during the pandemic with a reduced rate. Our seniors who are facing economic barriers, and would not otherwise be able to attend, may take advantage of our radical hospitality program or contact the theatre.

Will there be reserved seating?

Because of the shifting configurations of audience seating this season, and social distancing requirements, all seats will be assigned. TruBLU members with access needs, mobility and otherwise, will be prioritized. Please let us know when you reserve your spot for each show, what accommodation you require.

Could you go into more detail about your programs?

Of course! See below.

Bonfire Experience- our bonfires are intimate explorations of incredible works of art in a unique setting. Outside. Around a fire. Offering something for every taste, each will be led by a different creative team. Each show will have a shorter production run with up to six performances. Most of our Bonfires are slated to occur from March through May. These will be announced as soon as they are set. As a member you will have priority access to the live events and guaranteed virtual access.

Radical Hospitality- This year we are unveiling an initiative pioneered by Mixed Blood Theatre of Minneapolis. The premise is simple. Arts access is a human right. Our experience of theater is enhanced by ensuring diverse segments of the population get to experience together. Your membership ensures that people in our community that face economic and other barriers have access to high quality theatre. In concert with our community partners, BLUEBARNS will ensure that disadvantaged populations are invited and welcomed to our shared space with select pay-what-you-wish live and virtual access to all our programming.

Out of the BLUE- Theater online and on the road. Out of the Blue will offer virtual tours, educational content, and special behind the scenes access to the work of the BLUEBARN. Out of the Blue will also grow to include touring productions that perform at non-traditional locations locally and travel throughout the region. Bringing theater to those who would otherwise not have access. As a member, you will have unlimited digital access to these offerings.

Equitable Expansion- BLUEBARN is committed to equitable growth onstage and off and is actively evolving its practices and programming as an affirming Anti-racist institution. Beginning in the coming weeks, our website will feature a living document with detailed policies and articulated commitments and values guiding this progress. We’re dedicated to transparency and accountability in this urgent work and welcome feedback from our membership and the public.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out at (402) 345-1576, or e-mail any of our staff—please check our Contact Page