by Lauren Gunderson
Silent Sky currently playing

March 23 – April 15, 2017


A new play about Henrietta Swan Leavitt and the real women “computers” working at Harvard Observatory at the dawn of modern astronomy. In this exquisite blend of science, history, family ties, and fragile love, a passionate young woman must map her own passage through a society unaccustomed to strong women in a man’s world. A celestial romance and true story of discovery.

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In the Community

All outreach is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Silent Sky and the Cosmic Ladder – UNMC Science Café

Tuesday, April 11
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

at THE SLOWDOWN   729 N 14th Street     Doors open at 6:00. Must be 21 to attend.

How vast is the universe? How far is it to the nearest galaxy? The furthest stars? How do we know?

Talkback with the Cast of Silent Sky

post-show, Friday, April 14

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