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BLUEBARN Theatre is proud to announce Season 33: Embrace. After so much separation and isolation, we are thrilled to welcome you back to a full season of transformative live theatre. After more than a year of disruption and awakening, how do we begin again? How do we embrace the lessons from a long season of the unknown and emerge more focused, more present to one another, and more committed to driving change in our community? How do we show up for one another, gather with joy and purpose, bringing our best selves and best work?

Season 33 embraces the very best of original, contemporary, and classic work, exactly what you’ve come to expect from Omaha’s Premier Professional Theatre. Our new season also fully embraces our commitment to creating a thriving, equitable arts scene in Omaha. Join us in embracing compassion and justice, join us in embracing extraordinary art and the artists who create it, join us in embracing a stronger sense of community.

As caretakers of our mission, as partners in our work, as our most important collaborators…we embrace you.

With gratitude,

Susan Clement
Producing Artistic Director

BLUEBARN Theatre’s guiding principals are to provoke thought, emotion, action, and change through theatre. Over the past week, both nationally and locally, we have been tragically reminded why those principals are so essential. In his seminal 1996 speech ‘The Ground on Which I Stand’, August Wilson said “I believe in the American theatre. I believe in its power to inform about the human condition, I believe in its power to heal, ‘to hold the mirror as ’twere up to nature,’ to the truths we uncover, to the truths we wrestle from uncertain and sometimes unyielding realities.” As we face the unyielding realities of injustice, racism, violence, brutality, and murder, BLUEBARN is committed to making sure all people have a voice on our stage, to uncovering the truths that bind us together, and to facilitating action, change, and healing.


Red Summer Script

In September of 2019, BLUEBARN produced Red Summer, a new work by Omaha playwright Beaufield Berry.  

“When I wrote Red Summer last year, I delved into a world of job shortages, incendiary headlines, corrupt governments both national and local, weaponized white woman tears, nationwide race riots, Black PTSD and mental health and an unprosecuted lynching in downtown Omaha. It was set in 1919.” 

PDFBeaufield has graciously allowed us to share her script with you. 

#jamesscurlock #willbrown #blacklivesmatter

BLUEBARN is committed, no matter the circumstances, to keep telling stories. We are working to support the artists and create the art that will embrace our current reality and illuminate the path forward.

BLUEBARN Theatre is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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The Best Things America Built in 2016

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