The BLUEBARN is Omaha’s premier professional theatre dedicated to provoking thought, emotion, action, and change. The core of this mission is creating unforgettable art with incredible artists. By providing experiences that engage the entire self, we connect our artists and audiences to one another and the world around them, providing a way to explore complex issues, challenge our assumptions, and chart a course forward, together.

Now in its 35th season, BLUEBARN has taken a leading role in supporting local artists and promoting a living wage for all artists across the region. Inspired by the belief that there was the will and need to support a flourishing creative class, we launched our signature Artists’ Fund over a decade ago. Today, the Artists’ Fund is the heartbeat of the BLUEBARN Theatre and has transformed the prospects for professional artists in Omaha.

Each year, the impact of the Artists’ Fund grows, fostering a thriving, equitable arts scene in Omaha. We have seen an enormous shift in the value our community places on working artists. By consistently increasing both the number of artists we support and the level of compensation we provide, BLUEBARN is driving real change. We now support hundreds of local artists annually and attract master artists from across the country. 

Your gift is vital to the success of the Artists’ Fund.
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Join us in supporting extraordinary artists creating powerful works of art for the community.
Join us in showing our gratitude, not just with applause, but with a paycheck.

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