BLUEBARN Theatre Auditions for Season 30:

Circle Mirror Transformation

by Annie Baker

Auditions will be held at the BLUEBARN located at 1106 S. 10th St. (10th & Pacific Streets.)
Sunday, August 5th from 4-6 p.m. & Monday
August 6th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Callbacks will be scheduled if necessary
Circle Mirror Transformation runs September 27th through October 21st, 2018
Rehearsals begin August 27th, 2018

Company members needed:
LAUREN (16) – Open Ethnicity, Female. The youngest in the class. Wants to play Maria in West Side Story. Takes things seriously. Chronically dissatisfied. A bit endearing.
THERESA (35) – Open Ethnicity, Female. Recently moved from NYC to Vermont after ending a toxic relationship. An actor who is also studying acupressure. Energetic, genuine. At a bit of a crossroads.
SCHULTZ (48) – Open Ethnicity, Male. A carpenter. Schultz finds himself unhappily alone after his recent divorce from his wife of many years. A bit eager.
MARTY (55) – Open Ethnicity, Female. Co-executive director of the community center. Teaches the drama class, and others in jewelry and pottery. Longs to move to Mexico. Nearly confident. A bit lost.
JAMES (60) – Open Ethnicity, Male. Married to Marty, with an estranged daughter from a previous marriage. A good sport. A bit ineffectual.

Auditions will consist of prepared sides, and cold readings from the script. Maybe some games.
Prepared monologues under 2 minutes are welcome, though not required.
To request a copy of the script, sides, or to schedule an audition contact Barry at:

About the play:

Students in a community-center acting class find their lives transformed, their souls reflected, and the patterns of their lives revealed in this extraordinary celebration of ordinary life. As they discover each other through storytelling and deceptively simple games, hearts are won and lost, destinies shaped, and tiny triumphs and tragedies take on epic proportions.

I and You

by Lauren Gunderson

Auditions will be held at the BLUEBARN located at 1106 S. 10th St. (10th & Pacific Streets.)
Sunday, August 5th from 2-4 p.m.
Monday, August 6th from 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Callbacks will be scheduled if necessary
I and You runs January 31st through February 24th, 2019
Rehearsals begin January 7th, 2019

Company members needed:
Two actors (15-25), Open Ethnicity* to play
ANTHONY (17) – He is neat, poised, mature for his age. African-American. He’s an “a” student, a team player, a nice guy. He’s not really great around girls. He takes his homework very seriously. When he likes something (jazz music) he is all in. Throughout the whole play he looks at Caroline like he’s trying to figure her out. Like he really needs to know who she is.
CAROLINE (17) She is in comfy clothing, she does not expect company, she is sick but mainly just looks a little weak and frumpy. She doesn’t go out. She is cynical, over it, does not let a stray “feeling” near the surface. White.

*Casting Note
The race of each character can be altered. The only essentiality is that the characters not be the same race.

Auditions will consist of prepared sides, and cold readings from the script.
A prepared excerpt from Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself is most welcome, though not required.
To request a copy of the script, sides, or to schedule an audition contact Barry at:

About the Play:

One afternoon, Anthony arrives unexpectedly at classmate Caroline’s door bearing a beat-up copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, and an urgent assignment from their English teacher. As these two let down their guards and share their secrets, they unlock a much deeper mystery that has brought them together. I and You is an ode to youth, life, love, and the strange beauty of human connectedness.


by Paula Vogel

Auditions TBA
Performances will run March 21st – April 14th , 2019

About the play:

Inspired by the true events surrounding the controversial 1923 Broadway debut of Sholem Asch’s God of Vengeance—a play seen by some as a seminal work of Jewish culture, and by others as an act of traitorous libel. INDECENT charts the history of an incendiary drama and the path of the artists who risked their careers and lives to perform it. A glorious celebration of the power of theatre to harness the very best of the human spirit.

Strangemen Theatre Company’s
The Woodsman

by James Ortiz
w/music by Edward W. Hardy & lyrics by Jen Loring

AUDITIONS will be held December 8th and 9th, 2018.

Performances will run May 16th – June 16th, 2019.

About the play:

The BLUEBARN Theatre, founded in 1989 by graduates of the SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory, proudly announces a creative partnership with STRANGEMEN THEATRE COMPANY, a New York-based non-profit, originally founded in 2010 by graduates of that same conservatory. In celebration of BLUEBARN’s 30th Anniversary and the shared origins of the two companies, we are honored to welcome STRANGEMEN to Omaha for the first time. Members of the original creative team of THE WOODSMAN will again bring this award-winning production to life here at the BLUEBARN, enlisting Omaha’s incredible local talent. Based on the forgotten writings of L. Frank Baum, Strangemen Theatre Company’s THE WOODSMAN gives this darkly beautiful, haunting, and heart-breaking story new life through original music, physical storytelling, and innovative puppetry. A re-imagined tale of the origin of Baum’s “The Tin Woodman of Oz.”

Walk the Night: Spirits to Enforce

based on William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Auditions will be held at the BLUEBARN located at 1106 S. 10th St. (10th & Pacific Streets)
Saturday, August 4th from 11a.m-2p.m.
Sunday, August 5th from 12-2 p.m.

Walk the Night will run October 4th – October 31st, 2018 at Fontenelle Forest’s Neale Woods Center.
Preparatory Meetings Begin in August. Rehearsals begin in September.
The Walk the Night company is open to performers and crew 16 and older.
We prize diverse, counter-intuitive casting, and will adjust roles to suit the ensemble.

Please prepare any combination of the following:
A 90 second monologue of your choice, classic or modern
A 90 second retelling of a unique experience you’ve had, in your own words
A demonstration of a particular skill, hobby, or talent
Audition may include movement and the reading of sides.
Walk the Night is an interactive, continuous 75-90 min event. Those auditioning should have the required stamina and willingness to engage the audience as scene partners. Movement and puppetry experience, dance and music skills, singing ability and other skillsets are most welcome, though not required.

For more information, to request a character breakdown, or to sign up for an audition session, please contact Barry at

About the play

Prospero escaped an attempt on his life–by his own family. He and his child took refuge in an abandoned estate in the woods north of the city, letting the rest of the world think they were dead.  In the years since, Prospero discovered an ancient tome that seems to have granted him arcane abilities. Now, by a twist of fate, Prospero’s usurpers have found their way into his trap.